Biology Museum

Museum of biology faculty of Biology pioneered since the formation of the Museum Zoologicum in 1964, which occupies one room in the Sekip, Sleman, YOGYAKARTA in the campus of Universitas Gadjah Mada, led by Prof.drg. R.g. Indrojono and herbarium collections which occupies a building on Jalan Sultan Agung 22 Yogykarta, led by Prof.Ir. Moeso Suryowinoto.

The management of both are handled by the Faculty of Biology, which at the time housed in the residence Mangkubumen, Ngasem, Yogyakarta, better known by the name of Faculty-Faculty “Ngasem Complex”. A collection of animals and plants at that time came from a section of zoology and Anatomy, Faculty of medicine, GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY and the Botanical Section Faculty of Agriculture University.

On the initiative of the Dean of the Faculty of Biology at that time ruled by IR. Soerjo Sodo Adisemoyo on September 20, 1969 in commemoration of the anniversary of the Faculty of Biology, the Biological Museum was inaugurated. The Museum is the merging of the Museum Zoologicum Herbarium and occupy the building by Sultan Agung Road 22. Biological Museum has a collection of specimens of animals and plants in the form of preservation of dry, wet and preservation of fossils come from areas in Indonesia and some from abroad. The museum’s collections are used as a means of study for students, professors, students and the public.

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