Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Become an internationally acknowledged faculty, as a center of education, research development, and community service in biology, especially in tropical biology, oriented to the interests of the nation and based on Pancasila

  • Organizing high quality of higher education in undergraduate and graduate levels in biology
  • Performing good governance faculty organizations
  • Producing excellent and competitive graduates of both undergraduate and graduate program who have high moral principle of Pancasila.
  • Conducting high quality of biological research for academic and community service purposes.
  • Providing public services in biology and biology related application
  • Building collaboration with other universities, government, private sectors and industries, both national and international in order to develop the Tri Dharma of the higher education.
  • Cater international market demand for internationally oriented graduates in tropical biology with emphasize to Indonesian Tropical Biology
  • Expanding the Faculty of Biology portfolio as provider of higher quality and internationally competitive educational programs.
  • Reinforce and strengthening UGM and National competitiveness in international level
  • Improving the International awareness and research on Biology with emphasize to Indonesian tropical biodiversity
  • Providing educational program that informs, challenges, and stimulates undergraduate in abroad range of Biological inquiry at many level of organization, thereby preparing them for further study in Biology and related fields at the graduate level.